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Frequently Asked Questions

The Fog

Can I breathe in the fog?

Yes, it is completely harmless to people, animals and inventory. The fog is made of food grade glycols and de-ionized water.

Does it leave any odors or residues?

No, the carefully balanced mixture of glycols and controlled dispensing system maintain the maximum protection using the least amount of fluid. All components in the mixture will evaporate at ambient temperature after an activation.

Does FlashFog affect food, electronics or sensitive products?

No, the controlled discharge keep the vapor concentration below 0.5 parts per million in the air and evaporates at ambient temperature. FlashFog has been tested extensively with a wide variety of sensitive products.

FlashFog Systems

What comes with a FlashFog system?

All of our systems include a fog generator, security strobe light, battery backup, digital alarm interface, mounting bracket, and detailed documentation.

What's the advantage of the Security Strobe?

Our unique strobe light integration multiplies the fog's apparent density by a factor of three (or more) and provides an additional powerful deterrent to the intruders. The light bounces back and forth between the millions of fog particles, causing it to glow violently.

How many units should I install?

It depends on the size and layout of your premises. We offer several different models to provide customers the optimal combination of protection and cost.

How often do I have to refill the fluid?

Depending on configuration, a fluid bag will last for 4-7 full activations of the system. The system will notify you when fluid levels are low. We recommend keeping an extra bag on hand.


Who performs the installation?

Any certified alarm installer can install the FlashFog systems using our detailed installation manual. Your alarm company may have technicians who can do the installation or we can recommend a trained technician in your area. Installation should comply with local fire codes and ordinances.

Can I hide the FlashFog system?

Yes, our devices are commonly installed out of sight and we can supply mounting brackets specialized for your type of installation.

How long does a typical installation take?

Depending on the location and complexity of the installation, the entire process usually takes 3-6 hours.


How soon does FlashFog start protecting?

The Security Strobe light will generate the first flash within 2 milliseconds of alarm activation and the fog will start filling the room 200 milliseconds later.

How quickly can I fill my area?

This depends on the FlashFog model used, the size of the premises and the installation location. We can develop an installation plan to fill your area within the time limit you specify. We generally recommend filling the space in less than 60 seconds.

How long does the fog stay in the air?

Under normal conditions the fog will stay in the air about 45 minutes. Our systems can be programmed to periodically generate more fog in order to increase protection time.

How long can FlashFog generate fog?

The excellent heat transfer ratio allows FlashFog to generate fog for about a minute and a quick recovery of less than three minutes for the next activation.


Does the fog activate smoke detectors?

Most standard smoke detectors will be activated by the fog. Heat-based detectors, such as sprinkler systems, are not activated. There are provisions to overcome false alarm reporting. Please contact us if you would like more information.

Are there any instructions for the police or the fire department?

When a new installation is performed the police and fire department should be notified and supplied stickers should be placed in a visible location on the door or window.


Will FlashFog affect my insurance coverage?

It may. Many insurance companies will reduce your policy cost when you install a FlashFog unit. We advise you to contact your insurance broker. We can provide additional information if necessary.

What if the intruder attempts to disable the FlashFog system?

FlashFog unit are built using high grade cold rolled steel and are extremely durable. When properly installed, the fog generator will be obscured before the intruder can reach it.

I told someone to buy FlashFog and they did! Give me some money?

Sure! With our FlashFog referral program, we send you cash for referring customers to us! Some conditions apply, contact us for more information.

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