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FlashFog is a division of Arias Tech Ltd. We have been designing and marketing innovative solutions for complex problems since 1989. Our involvement with fog security began in 1998 when we launched fog security in several countries as the main distributor for a major European fog security manufacturer.

Arias Tech successfully developed these markets and grew them for 8 years, but only as a boutique concept due to the high price of the original product line. We led the industry, winning major accounts, achieving major recognition and establishing and solid dealer network.

It always bothered us that the average store owner could not afford the systems, and that we felt that the technology could be improved. In 2005 we decided to pool our resources and launch FlashFog. FlashFog incorporates valuable lessons about the unique needs of the American and Canadian consumer, next generation technology and a thin distribution model that allows us to pass on the savings to consumers.

We trust our quality and superior value to generate the sales volumes necessary to offer lower prices. This strategy has paid off and today we constitute the smartest choice for anybody targeted by professional burglars.

FlashFog has received an enthusiastic response from our customers and dealers alike, solving past issues while dramatically improving customer value.

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